Experience with Dowsing

by Tim Lincoln, Reiki Master on February 26, 2013

Experiences With Dowsing

I discovered dowsing after I got involved with Reiki.  Where I worked I happened to mention an interest in dowsing to a colleague.  I had no idea how to dowse at this time, but had read a few articles on line about it.  My friend told me there was a person who worked in test that had been a water dowser for years.  I went and told Bob of my interest in dowsing.  This really made him excited.  He went to a cabinet and retrieved two flexible plastic rods wired together at one end.  He told me that there was an underground river running below our plant about 300 feet deep.  Grasping the ends of the rods he bent them back in an inverted V and started walking.  After walking about 10 feet the rods pulled down.  He stated that he had found the location of the river.  He then said for me to try it.  I grasped the plastic rods and bent them in an inverted V.  Bob told me to think about locating water.  I asked how hard I should grip the rods.  He told me the harder you grip the more they will pull down when you go across the water.  I walked forward and the rods pulled down, seemingly by themselves.  I was hooked on learning to dowse.

Dowsing involves the confidence to believe that you can find out information that is not ordinarily available.  The dowsing took, whether rods, L rods, or a pendulum just give a physical notification of what you already know.  I can now dowse without a tool, but often use a pendulum anyway.

I began to read everything on dowsing.  It so happened that I discovered the excellent book The Future Is Yours Do Something About It by Raymon Grace.  This really opened my eyes to the possibility of human intention.  I read and re read this book.  I worked diligently at finding information using the pendulum.  After about six months Raymon Grace came to Charlottesville for a weekend seminar.  I attended and learned even more.  Raymon, through years of trial and error had come up with a 60 question procedure to help heal people with issues using dowsing.  This was very valuable information indeed.


Shortly after my class with Raymon I had a friend tell me that he had a horse at his farm that he was thinking of shooting, as the horse tried to kill him every time he approached it.  I told him I might be able to help.  I dowsed that the horse had two negative entities attached to it and asked that they be removed.  The pendulum spun for about 30 seconds.  The next week my friend told me that it was like a new horse.  Calm and easily worked with.

An acquaintance of mine also knew Slim Spurling who was a dowser and also had come up with healing devices that consisted of metal rings and coils.  Slim also came to Charlottesville and I attended his seminar.  He taught by dowsing and placing metal rods for negative energy lines to hit they could be directed to bounce over a house and therefore not influence the residents.

Having done this on several properties it is quite amazing to feel the difference inside a house after blocking geopathic stress lines, water energy, and lines from the power grid.

Raymon Grace teaches that this can be done at a distance through intention and the metal stakes are really not needed.

The human mind is more powerful than we realize and when working with superior powers can accomplish far more than we imagine.




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