Negative Entities

by Tim Lincoln, Reiki Master on December 2, 2012

Negative Entities


In our modern age there are many fictional accounts of a variety of beings which have been woven from the author’s imagination.  Werewolves, vampires, zombies are all part of this genre.  Behind these entertaining stories are the real entities upon which they have been constructed and that man has had to deal with since before written history began.

These are the real creatures that reside in different planes of existence that can cause us harm or cause detrimental behavior in people or animals.  These various entities shall be referred to as negative entities.

I first learned of negative entities from my dowsing teacher, Raymon Grace.  From him I learned how pervasive they are and how they can have adverse effects on people and animals.

A personal story of such a situation was a friend of mine who had a horse.  He said that the horse would try to kill him every time he got near it.  It had been that way for 15 years!  He said he was thinking of shooting the horse.  I told him I would see what I could do for the horse.  My dowsing showed it had two negative entities attached to it.  I removed these entities using dowsing.  The next week I talked to his sister.  She said the horse was like a new animal.  It was peaceful and allowed her to groom it.

Another experience I had with a horse was at a clinic by a professional horse trainer, Kurt.  The horse was bucked while Kurt was on him.  A woman brought a horse who she said just started being obstinate and bucking for no reason that she could find out.  I explained what I did and asked if she would like me to work on the horse.  She said yes.  I removed the negative entities attached to the horse and the next day when Kurt rode the horse he said that whatever I was doing to keep doing it because it was like a new horse.

If an animal or person has a sudden personality change it is very possible that negative entities are at fault.  I always check for negative entity attachment with people and animals I work with, as they are so prevalent.

Negative entities, or energy can usually be felt by people even if they don’t consider themselves sensitive.  Have you ever gone into a house or room and felt a heavy oppressive feeling?  This is often a sign of negative entities.

Don’t despair as there are some things that anyone can do to help alleviate this situation.

  1.  Sound can help clear out negative energies.  If you can leave a radio tuned to a classical music station, new age or religious stations, leave it playing quietly while you are gone.  Do not use a rock station.  A definite feeling of clearing should be noticeable when you return.  I have used this technique and it works well.
  2. Another strategy is to take pots and pans and bang them together while having the intent of clearing the area.
  3. Smudging is the use of sage to clear an area.  Sage sticks can be bought at most health food stores.  Start the sage and go through the areas that you want to clear.
  4. Pray.  Say a blessing in the area and ask Creator to transform the negative energies and remove the negative entities from the area.

I was in a house my daughter was dog sitting in.  I had gone to watch a movie with her.  After 15 minutes I told her the feeling in the house was very “heavy”.  She agreed and told me the woman’s roommate was in drug rehab after being found unconscious in the house.  I told my daughter that we needed to clear the home.  I prayed that all negative energies, entities and thought forms would be transformed into positive energy or taken to the light of Creator.  Within a half hour there was a noticeable “lightness” in the home

If none of these appear to work it is recommended that you contact a professional.


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